As a collective we are interested in creating space for people to reflect, question and share.

To do so, we use art as a tool to open up people’s minds and create new perspectives through personal encounters and dialogue.
The audience plays a fundamental role in our work, as they are actively part and co-creators of each situation together with us. We consider this collaboration as an intrinsic part of what we do, as this provides the content of each work.

By building a collective construction of knowledge,
we aim to make art which creates new ways of looking and relating to the world.
CollectiveConstructs is a collaboration between:

Lola Diaz Cantoni (AR, 1993). She is currently busy researching new ideas on what art is and can bring.
Her strength lies in organizing and bringing people together; as well as developing new platforms for artists
to perform and connect them with new audiences. Find more about her practice on
And Jorien Ketelaar (NL, 1998). She is interested in encounters in art, and how to create the right space and circumstances to make these encounters happen. The encounters take place between people, cultures, perspectives, context, etc. Find more out about her practice on